Hybrid HG

This was one of the first collaborations between Jay and Travis, combining the controls of the Zynth and the Viditar into one interface. The frets on the neck act as triggers, and the controls on the base of the instrument allow for standard guitar playing, and continuous controller access. The Hybrid has a standard MIDI jack and 1/4” jack. We showed this instrument at summer NAMM 2006, and plan to release something like it some time in the future.


The Tactic was the first controller we produced at Livid Instruments. This was designed primarily as a VJ controller for us to use with Union for our touring productions in 2004, and was released to the public in 2005. The Tactic was milled out of Maple and Mahogany and had a 4" LCD screen in the center. We made approximately 100 of them before discontinuing it in 2006 for our original Ohm controller.


Jay created the Viditar (video guitar) in 1999 while still in college. He wanted an interface to perform video with the same expressive control that a guitarist had, so he created his own. Jay toured with his band Sinch, playing the Viditar for a few years before starting Livid in 2004. Jay still performs with his band, and his side project Ocular Noise Machine with Sinch guitarist Tony Lannutti (aka Bluskreen). The Viditar was original concept behind what became Livid, and Livid’s founders Travis, Peter, and Jay worked on the progression of the Viditar prior to forming the company. See the Viditar in Wired Magazine - January 2003 and Jay showing it off on Tech TV in 2005

Ohm (classic)

The Ohm was the first mass-marketed MIDI controller we released in October 2007. Initially released as a VJ controller, it quickly became popular within the DJ community with use in software like Ableton Live, Traktor, and Reason. The Ohm eventually mutated into the Ohm64 with a complete redesign from the ground up. We produced the original Ohm in wood models with six different finishes, and a steel rackmounted version.


Travis’ Zynth is a MIDI triggering bass guitar that he created prior to the Livid days in his hardware shop/apartment. Travis, his dog Isabel, and his first CNC machine shared a small warehouse on the outskirts of Austin where Travis perfected his instrument building skills. There are a few iterations of the Zynth, and a full-patent has been issued for it. Hopefully we will find some time in the future to create a short run of these controllers+ bass guitars.

For more about our various hardware projects and experimentations, please visit our Livid Industry Site.

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