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Block is a compact and programmable MIDI control surface designed for interactive audio performance. Built on the same bi-directional and adaptable platform as the Ohm64, Block provides a powerful interface for creating and interacting with sound in a small easy-to-transport body.

Backlight LED buttons provide endless possibilities for visual feedback with presets and template available for Ableton Live, Properllerhead's Reason and Record, Traktor Pro, Max/MSP, ArKaos' Grand VJ, and Cell DNA. A growing number of open source applications and utilities turns the block into the ultimate adaptable and portable control surface.

"Controlling Live and Max/MSP just got really sleek. Livid Instruments' Block MIDI controller might be one of the most streamlined control surfaces yet to be released…"
- xlr8r.com

Totally plug-and-play and USB powered means you don't have to worry about power cables or drivers. MIDI in and out jacks extend the controller's capabilities beyond being a simple software control surface. The blockEditor application lets you reprogram any of the controller's sixty four clip buttons, eight knobs, two faders, and seven function buttons. Block is hand crafted from lightweight wood and sleek anodized aluminum for easy portability and control. All of our controllers are proudly hand crafted and assembled for artists by artists in our Austin, Texas shop.


Block controllers now come with our expansion module for added adaptability, flexibility and control. Two ¼” jacks allow you to connect Roland-style foot pedals and single analog controls. Put your feet in the mix for additional controls, or experiment adding different sensors and switches. Accessorize your setup with our XPC Expansion Controllers using a single cable to connect to the expansion jacks. If that’s not enough, you can add up to eight more analog controls with the pin header connection. This provides a direct link into the block’s Brain so you can experiment with touch controls, sensors, accelerometers, faders, rotary knobs, and more. Of course, our Builder series BYOB boards can be easily integrated for a totally customized and modular setup.



Block has scripts for many major audio, video, and lighting software titles like Ableton Live and Traktor, plus a growing community of open source apps that turn the Ohm64 into a digital instrument. more>

A compact and lightweight design lets you slip this controller into your backpack. Plug it into your computer's USB, and you are powered to play. more>

The block is hand crafted with sleek formed anodized aluminum and high quality wood end caps for maximum durability and design. more>

MIDI In and Out
MIDI in and MIDI out jacks let you control analog MIDI devices or connect other controllers to your Block. You can also send MIDI from your computer to the Block. more>

Home Grown
All of our controllers are crafted, serviced, and designed with care in our Austin, TX shop. more>

Technical specifications and details of the of the block controller.. more>


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