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Introducing Livid Elements, the completely modular MIDI controller platform. Now you can finally create your own controller layout without any soldering, electronics, or complicated assembly required.

Element modules come in many different configurations and layouts so you can rearrange, replace, and mix modules, creating your own MIDI controller with ease. Each module connects to the Elements Brain for easy plug-and-play configuration and setup. Elements modules are housed in one of our custom eurorack cases for total plug-and-play integration. The standardized, modular format allows for an incredible amount of flexibility and expansion.

Elements is based around the eurorack format, a popular analog synth standard of modules and enclosure sizes so you can create your own customized setup. The threaded rails of the cases make it easy to connect and configure your controller by simply plugging the module into the Brain and fastening it to the rails. The Elements Configuration Utility lets you configure your layout and edit your MIDI settings. With a growing list of available modules (don’t forget: you can create your own Elements, too!) we’ve designed this system to grow with you and the community of people making modules for the Elements system. Our own DIY Omni boards are also compatible with the Elements system.

Whether you are recording, mixing, performing live, or need a unique setup for your show control, Elements gives you complete control over your system. Our Element modules provide a large variety of options with hands-on control and interactive feedback. If you’re mixing multitrack audio or performing visuals, Elements empowers you with your very own set of options to suit your needs. Mix and match modules, swap them out for different setups, and even create your own module designs. Elements gives you the flexibility of a modular system that can grow and change with your needs.

With a USB port, MIDI in and out jacks, and an optional 5v power supply, Elements is a massively flexible controller solution. Whether performing with Ableton Live, mixing visuals with Cell DNA, DJing with Traktor, or controlling your favorite analog gear, Elements provides a wide range of control possibilities.

In addition to our own Elements module offerings, we’ve created a Hardware Development Kit (HDK) for other companies, artists, and designers looking to create and share their own modules. Our system allows buttons, rotary potentiometers, fader, pressure sensitive pads, leds, encoders, sensors, and other analog devices to be connected through Livid and third party modules.

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Our Elements cases come in multiple sizes, giving you the flexibility you need to mix and match modules. These cases are crafted in our Austin, Texas facility with strong aluminum and hand finished mahogany end caps. We’ve designed them with standard Eurorack sizing, which allows them to work with many existing Eurorack analog synth gear. An optional power supply panel can also be ordered to replace the MIDI ports panel to accommodate analog synth power supplies. These cases also have removable backs for easy access to your modules.

Our single row Skiff 80 provides a one row (80 hp/16” w) that can accommodate 4 Elements modules.

Our Dual 80 case provides two rows (2x 80hp/16”w) that can accommodate 8 Elements modules.

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