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Simple step sequencer for Max 4 and 5.

Step sequencing for max/msp

cc licence: D'Arcy Norman

For many of you out there, this should find you on a holiday, and I hope you reserved some playtime for your Livid Controller! I’ve been working on some simple devices in Max, and today I worked up a simple 8 row step sequencer for our controllers. Yes, all of them: Ohm64, block and Code.
Scaling back from the hyper-featured Livd Step, this patch provides the basics for turning any row of the grid into a single note step sequencer. It is sync’ed to the main tempo, and each row can be assigned any of several note time values (such as sixteenth, dotted quarter, eight note, and so on). Of course, you’ll need Cycling 74’s Max/MSP (4 or 5) to use this.
Since this coincided with a forum request on how to control LEDs in Max for a step sequencer from a Max 4.6 user, I took the time to convert the Max 5 patch to a Max 4 patch. I hope there are others still using version 4.6 that find this helpful!
Besides the step sequencing, these patches also provide all the necessary infrastructure to automatically detect and setup any of our controllers in Max, as well as control LEDs via sysex (it’s basically the same stuff that can be found in the Livid+Max patch in our downloads sections, but in a really useful context).
Rather than use an 8×8 matrix control, I used 8 separate 8×1 matrix controls in Max, providing more freedom to work this stuff into your own patches.
I didn’t provide any cool sounds with it. I simply use the operating system’s built-in GeneralMIDI synth, using the drum patch on channel 10. I’ll leave it to you to make your own cool sounds with this.  In the same spirit, I designed this so you can add a lot of your own ideas to step sequencing and hopefully make this your own crazy stepper: you could add randomness, link the knobs to different parameters, or even work it into Max For Live. I hope you ping back what you make!
Download the Max 4 and 5 files here:

Simple Step seqeuncer Max 5 patch for Livid MIDI controllers Ohm64, block, and Code

Max 5 presentation view

Step sequencer made with Max 4.6 for Livid Ohm64, Code, and block MIDI controllers.

Max/MSP version 4 screenshot

One Response to “Simple step sequencer for Max 4 and 5.”

  1. Riz says:

    Hi Peter , those patches are really a cool gift for MAX/ohm users.

    After a few testing i noticed 2 bugs on the MAX 4.5 version:

    – Clicking with the mouse on matrix while playing can cause crashes ( but no problem when using the ohm)

    – After adding “notes” the step position visualizer are gapping which is more annoying. (i think the problem could be solved if the matrix was a 8X4)

    Didnt searched yet where the bugs are coming from.


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