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It ain’t pretty, but it’s damn fun to play.

Livid Sampler“Livid Sampler 03 is a basic sampling application designed to work with Livid Controllers. This is a final update to the first release of Livid Sampler, an open-source Max/MSP patch, application, and VST plugin. This is “final,” because it was done in Cycling 74’s Max 4.6 and pluggo, which is no longer sold or supported, and Sampler is also going to evolve into something more sophisticated.

The real reason for this release is to put a fun and simple sampler into the hands of Livid customers that is designed to work instantly with your controller, and hope it sparks some discussion and requests on what it might do in the future. There are a minimum of controls and settings, letting you concentrate on playing, rather than making minute changes. We are planning to release some software using this sampler as the foundation, and we’d love to hear what you would like to do with it, what more you want from it, as well as test the playback mechanism for stability and usefulness. As you think about what you might want to see, keep in mind that we don’t intend for this to replace or compete with software that you already use. We do intend to make a software package that maximizes interactivity, quick production, and musical focus on our controllers and others.”
Download it from our downloads page. Works with Ohm64, block, and Code (for the record, Sampler doesn’t take advantage of encoder updates – sorry!).
I’m curious to see how this could fit in with your existing setup, or how you might want to use, or what it would need to fit into your setup. Drop some notes in the comments to take some time to help us design! Here’s a video that explains it all. You may want to play it in a bigger window, rather than this tiny embed!
And for the sake of making the most of my media, here’s an excerpt of just the mix. (Yeah, I could use some time away from programming to practice….)

8 Responses to “It ain’t pretty, but it’s damn fun to play.”

  1. Riz says:

    This is very nice , love the gate/toggle/trigger

    But unfortunately i had many crashes.

    — In the standalone version:

    Loading the exe i have this error messsage
    “cant find patcher_resolvebox_ex in MaxAPI.dll”
    I click ok and its fine , can play with my samples. but after a few minutes (especially when im trying to play fast rythms or sending several messages at the same time maybe … ) the Sampler crash.

    Also i cant open the Audio Configuration window.

    — Using the source in max
    Crash when trying to load a sample (folder or single)
    Ctrl+Alt+suppr :(

    Hope you’ll have more feedback to find where those errors comes from.


  2. Peter says:

    Hey Riz,
    Thanks for the data. What OS? What version of Max are you trying the source in?
    It could be that the standalone is referring to an old MaxAPI.dll in C:WindowsSys32
    On the crash in the source – did you get any errors in the Max window when you first opened the patch? Was the file a wav or aiff?

  3. Riz says:

    I use Win XP SP2 (ill try with seven soon) with max 4.5.5
    With the source i have several missing objects errors (banger, round, label, getenv, shell)

    Also “plugconfig doesnt understand “package”

    Everything looks fine with mididevice detection.

  4. Riz says:

    PS : i use *.wav files

  5. Peter says:

    Hi Riz,
    Source is updated – thanks for the heads up on the 3rd party objects.
    Any reason you haven’t updated to 4.63? It’s available on the c74 website.

  6. Riz says:

    Hi Peter, ill try it ASAP. Didnt updated cause i wasnt using max anymore :). Since i got my ohm i use it again. You’re right i have to dl the latest max version.

    (would be cool to create a specific topic about max questions on the livid forum)

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  8. 11ols says:

    crazy, can i build up from the source? i have a prototype sampler that looks almost the same (initially made for Launchpad). it has a autoslice feature, can analyze whole songs and find parts that are sampling relevant. i think of a mix of the best things of both patches. with the power of max 6.

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