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Livid+Max5: Use your Livid Controller in Max5

I’ve been doing a ton of work in Max/MSP for our controllers, and a lot of it’s open source so you can pull them apart and adapt to your own needs. However, these patches can be a bit intimidating, even for the experienced users, since there’s so much STUFF in them.
So I took a step back, both for my sake and yours, and made this patch that fully explains the best way to integrate the Ohm64 and block into a Max patch so it is easy to make sure your on-screen interface matches up with the LEDs at all times, and also make it easy to change what the buttons, sliders, and knobs do.

Integrating Livid Ohm64 and block with Max/MSP

Informative text dominates in this Max5 patch

The heart of this is a couple of javascripts that handle all the controller detection, setup, midi decoding and translation of MIDI into messages.
Besides this “bureaucracy,” there’s a simple example noisemaker that details how to setup a patch that works really nicely with your controller. This example is presented in a couple of different ways, so you can take what you like.
Take your patches to the next level, and start making some instruments!

Download it here.

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